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"Beloved, while I was giving all diligence to write unto you of our common salvation, I was constrained to write unto you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints." - Jude 3

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Every Scripture is divinely inspired and is profitable for instruction. —2 Tim. 3: 16, Spencer, Rom. Cath.

The compound Greek word translated ”divinely inspired” literally means ”God-breathed” or ”breathed by God”. Not that God breathes the atmosphere about our earth and breathed it upon the human writers of the Bible, but that he sent forth his invisible active force. He exerted it upon the thirty men or so that wrote the sixty-six books of the Bible. The holy spirit or active force of God is invisible to our eyes, and Hebrew writers spoke of it with words meaning also breath, and Greek writers spoke of it with the word meaning also wind or breath. Hence anything produced by the exercising of God's invisible active force upon it can be said to be God-breathed or divinely inspired. In fact, the word inspired of Latin origin means breathed into, denoting unseen force. The canonical books of the Bible are inspired. W 5/15

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Walking Wisely in a Wicked World

WALKING wisely has much to recommend itself. Why? Because, as it has well been said, walking wisely means “the ability and inclination to use one’s knowledge to carry out one’s purpose to the best effect.” Not, of course, without keeping God in mind, for “the fear of Jehovah is the beginning of ...

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