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Nor can Christians expand their ministry by expanding their time. Jesus said, "Which of you, by being anxious, can prolorg his life one moment?"

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Can you visualize a new world without the Ten Commandments? The very thought of such a thing would horrify many self-righteous religionists, as if it meant that all morality would be thrown to the winds.

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Is Astrology for Christians?

“WE ARE having an astrological renaissance,” recently said a leading American astrologer, “and the center of the renaissance is in the United States, where some of the world’s best astrologers live and work. America has become the Babylon of the 20th Century.”

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Prayers for God’s Kingdom Not in Vain

“THY kingdom come.” This petition, together with the rest of the model prayer Jesus Christ taught his disciples, doubtless is the best known of any part of the Bible. Through the years it has been repeated numberless times by countless millions of people.

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Is Monastery Life Christian?

Monasticism is a common practice in all the major religions of the world. Life as a monk is not for everyone, and believers who want to follow such a path have a series of strict rules to follow, set by the Church.

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What would happen if there were no more churches?

In recent years, it has been shown that church statistics have been "stuffed". People are kept on church lists for two or even more years after they stop going to church.

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Mary a Disciple, Not a Queen

THERE was a most unusual occurrence in the Galilean town of Nazareth. It was not to the daughter of a king, but to the humble daughter of Heli who was soon to be married to the young carpenter Joseph, that the angel Gabriel appeared with the greeting, “Good day, highly favored one, Jehovah is with you.

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Must Christians Pay Tithes?

CERTAIN religious organizations, as, for example, the Adventists, Mormons, etc., insist on taxing their members one-tenth (or tithe) of their annual income for support of their respective church systems. It is said that such demands are in accord with the tithing laws given to ancient Israel.

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Many new ones are coming to a knowledge of the truths in the Bible and are taking their place in the gospel-preaching ranks of Jehovah’s witnesses. Many of these new ones formerly smoked tobacco, but have now quit. A few others come to a knowledge of the truth but do not quit smoking.

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