Prayers for God’s Kingdom Not in Vain

“THY kingdom come.” This petition, together with the rest of the model prayer Jesus Christ taught his disciples, doubtless is the best known of any part of the Bible. Through the years it has been repeated numberless times by countless millions of people.—Matt. 6:10, AV.

More than nineteen centuries have flown by since Jesus first gave that prayer. Could it be that this prayer never will be answered? If so, then all these prayers will certainly have been in vain. We need have no fear of that. Jesus Christ taught us to pray for God’s kingdom because he knew that in God’s due time it would be established, that it would come against Satan’s world to destroy it, and that it would restore paradise to earth. Prayers made in faith are heard.—Matt. 17:20.

The Bible leaves no doubt about it. Jehovah is bound to act because he is the Almighty God and is supremely good. He has both the will and the means. Besides, present conditions put in question his supremacy. He will therefore answer the prayers for his kingdom so “that people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, you alone are the Most High over all the earth.”—Ps. 83:18.
When will all this be? Surely not in our time, some say. On the contrary, fulfillment of Bible prophecy shows that God’s kingdom has already been established, as noted at Revelation 11:15-18. There the establishment of God’s kingdom in the heavens is shown to coincide with the nations’ becoming wrathful, which they certainly have done since 1914.

Further, Jesus linked the coming of God’s kingdom with his own second presence and told us how we could tell when he had returned: by the prevalence of unprecedented wars, famine, earthquakes, wickedness and the preaching of God’s kingdom—all of which conditions have been with us since 1914. The generation that witnessed these things, Jesus further said, would not pass away until all was fulfilled. So we can be fully assured that this generation will see the full answer to prayers for God’s kingdom.—Matt. 24:7-14, 34; Luke 19:12, 15.

These prayers have not been in vain. They will be fully realized. Such prayers have also served to keep God’s kingdom foremost in the hearts and lives of his servants, aiding them to ‘keep on seeking first the Kingdom.’ So keep on praying, “Thy kingdom come,” for in this generation it will come against Satan’s world to destroy it, ushering in a righteous new world.—Matt. 6:33.


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